"Talent is given, Success is produced". More than a motto, is a lifestyle. Join our family and share your dreams with the world by wearing our BLEKKETT DREAMZ collection.
All designs are handmade by founders Roberto and Paolina.

Beautiful Times Are coming

"If life puts you down, stand up once more".

As Neuro.b sings in "Do It Better", Blekkett team wants to convey the same message of strength, positivity and faith. Build your future.

BLEKKETT organic collection

At Blekkett we help artists achieve their best version.
To get there, our planet has to be in its best version too!
So we designed a special collection for our store,
cool for the planet, cool for us.
For every hoodie/tote sale, a donation is made
to environmental non-profit organizations.
Be part of our family!