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We Love To Explore and produce New waVes of sound.

Blekkett is a brand created by the artists for the artists. Founded by Roberto Reale (aka Skyler Vittorini) in 2015 as a small independent record label, it is a Downtempo/ Electronic Music production house and philanthropic project.

Based in Barcelona, Milan and Sicily, we carry out most of our activities online, so we are able to connect the artists and the public from anywhere in the world.

We believe in the change coming from art through work and dedication; we are promoters of values like respecting others and sharing, firmly rooted in the commitment to improve the life of those around us.

We are a hub that changes culture through our community and works. Our goal is to convey the beauty of the art we create and, through it, to help artists achieve their best version.


Our Team


I am Roberto, founder of Blekkett. Creating music as Skyler Vittorini.

I am a Musician, International Live Artist, Teacher, Activist and Music Producer. I believe in the power of music and colours and I decided to dedicate my life to it. I am a dreamer, but also a hard worker. 

I love to improve myself and others, and I have a magic story related to a black cat who has positively changed my life several times. This is why I decided to create a brand that reflected the tenacity, determination and desire to elevate.

Got graduated in Music Technology at Milan Conservatory, then with an internship at ESMUC, Barcelona, later at Berklee College of Music.

I teach Music and Languages, fluently speaking 4 and understanding 8.

I gained more than 1 Million streams across all platforms, distributed music in more than 51 Countries and got awarded with a couple of prizes.

I am very sensitive to environmental issues, so I decided to financing the plantation of trees with the royalties of my music in our Blekkett Forest.



I’m Alessio,  social and web marketing manager at Blekkett.

I’ve always been passionate about music so I started studying guitar as a child until I became an electronic music producer and DJ.

I got graduated in music technology in a private academy, then acquired skills in music marketing.

Recently started a master path in Digital Marketing in Milan while pursuing a career in web and social management.

Since 2021 I am collaborating on the YellowTube and Blekkett projects.


I’m Chiara, business consultant, legal and administration department at Blekkett. 

I got graduated in Economics at University of Palermo, awarded with a Master’s Degree back in 2008.

I am passionate about music, linguistic culture and administration strategies; gained more than 10+ years of experience in the economic field.

Since day one I’ve been doing consultancy on Blekkett’s projects.

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